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The 2024 Agenda: Goals & Dreams

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Rafael Sadowski
Rafael Sadowski
Shut up and hack

Having a goal without a plan is essentially just daydreaming. I’ve noticed that discussing one’s resolutions and plans for the new year isn’t everyone’s cup of tea; indeed, it seems to be a rare habit. There are understandable reasons for this reluctance, but that’s not the point. Sharing my aspirations openly brings a sense of structure to my life, especially when things feel uncertain or chaotic.

Running goals and dreams

This year I finally want to know. An ultra must be finished. My girlfriend and I are training for these races:

The last few years I have trained very well with the Garmin training plans. There is nothing from Garmin for ultras. So we choose a training plan from The Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival IATF K85 Advanced.

After two weeks, I can already say. This is the biggest challenge for my body and my soul! However, everything can turn out differently but my goal would be to finish 2 out of 3 Ultras.

OpenBSD and Open Source

This is not easy to predict. What I definitely want to work on:

  • Upgrade the Qt5 and Qt6 ecosystem to the latest version. Especially needs more attention.
  • Upgrade Qt5 and Qt6 Webengine to the latest version including the KDE patches from upstream.
    • I think the current Qt6WebEngine version is broken on OpenBSD now.
  • Qt5 and Qt6 Webengine without USE_NOBTCFI and USE_NOEXECONLY. This means mandatory enforcement of indirect branch targets (BTI on arm64, IBT on Intel amd64) and xonly support. Read more OpenBSD innovations
  • Remove x11/qt5/qtwebkit. It’s an very outdated and unsecure web engine. Which is also dead upstream. Other distributor have already got rid of it.
  • KDE 6
    • At the end of February 2024 KDE will publish Plasma 6, Frameworks 6, and a whole new set of applications in a special edition of KDE Gear. In other words bye bye Qt5 and hello Qt6. I assume that this work will cost me a lot of time. I think not the actual KDE ports updates but the organization in our ports tree with many other legacy dependencies. I’ll write more here when the time comes.
  • Qt6 python bindings
  • Simply get rid of more legacy OpenBSD ports.
  • KDE Plasma Wayland support on OpenBSD
  • KWin compositor
  • Get more involved in the KDE project and create more visibility for OpenBSD there.

Tech conferences and events

I plan to attend:

This are on my maybe list, depending on my company:

  • Red Hat Summit 2024 - I still like the red hats best in the open source business universe.
  • AWS re:Invent 2024 - Awesome event every year. Let’s see if it works this year.
  • Azure Conference - I am consulting more and more customers in the Azure area. That’s why I’m going to see if I can visit Microsoft this year.


  • Palma de Mallorca for hiking and trail running
  • Paris Weekend trip
  • United States road trip with family and hiking in Yosemite National Park.
  • Weekend trips city trips, hiking and biking.

This list is far too short this year. This is due to the race. I think something will change here.


Certainly the list is not complete, but everything that I would like to share with you all at the moment. Shut up an hack!

BTW: The picture in the blog post is from our trip to Taiwan in 2019. Taipei 101