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Workstation setup

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Rafael Sadowski
Rafael Sadowski
Shut up and hack

In the days when almost everyone works from home, it seems a good time to write about my workstation setup at home. I built my dream setup some months ago, before COVID19, and finished it at the beginning of the year. My first tweet followed in February:

Timing is everything.

Here is a list of my requirements for a modern setup/desk:

  • Height adjustable
  • Solid wood plate
  • No cable spaghetti
  • Few to no visible cables
  • Suitable for a minimum of 3 devices:
    • OpenBSD workstation
    • OpenBSD/Linux ThinkPad with docking station
    • MacBook Pro from my company
  • Easy to switch among devices
    • Use one main keyboard and mouse for all devices
  • It should look good.

Standing Desk

I think IKEA has the best value for money. The table is very solid and high quality. I have installed a socket and a cable bushing on the left and right side. It’s really easy to drill through the desk. On the left side I have the socket with USB connection, and on the right side are cables for charging daily devices.

IKEA 160x80 cm Standing Desk

Switching among devices

I solved the switching problem a long time ago. For this I use:

Originally, I had it on the table under my monitor. During my big reconstruction, I put it under the table. I just put some glue on it and, to my surprise, it worked very well. I used the following product:

Pattex Montagekleber Kleben statt Bohren Wasserresistent

Cable spaghetti challenge

To solve the cable spaghetti problem I bought the following products from ebay(.de) and Amazon(.de) and installed them:


In early 2018 I decided to buy an ergonomic keyboard. It was a hard decision, but in the end I decided to buy ErgoDox EZ. The keyboard is really expensive. Okay, that I knew, but what really annoyed me were the stress at customs and the handling charges. I paid about 60 Euro in customs duty in addition to the purchase price. If you want to be an ErgoDox EZ EU consumer, you have to dig deeply into your pockets. Anyway, I do not regret my decision! I can write very well and quickly with ErgoDox, but I lose the ability to write with a normal keyboard. This is not a problem in the times of COVID19 and the home office, but when I am on-site at a customer it is often annoying to work without the ErgoDox EZ.

You can find my latest layout here: ErgoDox EZ

Gallery #

Thanks Pamela for the proof-reading!