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OpenBSD ports wishlist

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Rafael Sadowski
Rafael Sadowski
Shut up and hack

The following list shows some of my personal wishes for the next release circle from 6.3 to 6.4. There are already existing ports which needs updates.

  • graphics/ffmpeg
    • Update to the 3rd branch would be really great. Maybe FFmpeg 3.4.2 “Cantor”. If you want help to update , please talk with the maintainer and kn@. There is also a old openbsd-wip port.
  • multimedia/mpv
    • Depending on graphics/ffmpeg update. Maybe kn@ can help you
  • math/graphviz
    • Should be reactive easy to update but the tests are weird.
  • devel/cvsweb
    • Be brave
  • devel/protobuf
    • Dependencies everywhere.
  • misc/screen
    • I know no one needs it but an update would be nice.
  • sysutils/e2fsprogs
  • www/drupal7/*
    • Update or nuke it.
  • multimedia/mkvtoolnix
  • x11/vlc
  • x11/wxWidgs
    • A lot of fighting here!
  • x11/qt5/qtwebengine
    • Anyone who wants to help is welcome. openbsd-wip/x11/qt5/qtwebengine.
  • databases/db/v{3,4}
    • Welcome to hell!

If you want help us, please connect the maintainer hack. If you need help, the ports@ mailininglist is happy to help. Of course, you can also write to me personally.