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OpenBSD ports wishlist

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The following list shows some of my personal wishes for the next release circle from 6.3 to 6.4. There are already existing ports which needs updates.

  • graphics/ffmpeg
    • Update to the 3rd branch would be really great. Maybe FFmpeg 3.4.2 “Cantor”. If you want help to update , please talk with the maintainer and kn@. There is also a old openbsd-wip port.
  • multimedia/mpv
    • Depending on graphics/ffmpeg update. Maybe kn@ can help you
  • math/graphviz
    • Should be reactive easy to update but the tests are weird.
  • devel/cvsweb
    • Be brave
  • devel/protobuf
    • Dependencies everywhere.
  • misc/screen
    • I know no one needs it but an update would be nice.
  • sysutils/e2fsprogs
  • www/drupal7/*
    • Update or nuke it.
  • multimedia/mkvtoolnix
  • x11/vlc
  • x11/wxWidgs
    • A lot of fighting here!
  • x11/qt5/qtwebengine
    • Anyone who wants to help is welcome. openbsd-wip/x11/qt5/qtwebengine.
  • databases/db/v{3,4}
    • Welcome to hell!

If you want help us, please connect the maintainer hack. If you need help, the ports@ mailininglist is happy to help. Of course, you can also write to me personally.